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Junior Rodeo Events - FAQs on Digital Download Files & Resolution

All of our Junior Bull Riding and Rodeo Event photos are available as a High Resolution Digital Downloads. This High Resolution file allows you to purchase an electronic copy of the photo to share or print unlimited quantities of the photo at any photo processing store or internet site.


The High Resolution file is large enough that you can post, share, or successfully print an unlimited number of photos with sizes ranging from small wallet sized, standard 4x6 prints, or prints up to 8x10 inches. If you do not have access to a computer or tablet in order to download the file please contact me and I will assist.


These High Resolution Digital Files are large (8MPs) and downloading them to your phone rather than a tablet or computer may impact your data usage depending upon what type of phone service you are on. For prints larger than the maximum print size recommendation of 8x10 prints for Digital Downloads, please see our canvas print options within the purchasing options.


These larger sized options do require us to apply our Master Files to the print in order to maintain quality. You may also distribute, post, or share the High Resolution Digital Download or any prints you have printed as often as you wish, and with as many people as you would like.


Every attempt is made to get at least 3 good photos of every Cowboy or Cowgirl who participates in the event. Sometimes circumstances prevent this. We may end up with nothing but pictures of livestock tails, mud on our lens, or Bull Fighter rumps. Not that we’re complaining. The Bull Fighters in the arena with you are a critical part of any Rodeo event. How events unfold are beyond our control, but you will still be able to view all the photos from your adventure and have a good laugh at those that aren’t quite what you were looking for…..


Photos are typically posted the 2nd day after the event. For instance, if the event is on a Sunday the photos should be posted by Tuesday morning. Since these are youth events, the files are password protected. The site will prompt you for the password associated with the event. This password is on the BACK of the business card attached to this page. Please retain the card until you have had a chance to check the site.

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